Facilities /Services


With five controlled atmosphere storages on our premises where we can store a wide variety of products at the desired temperature simultaneously.

With a variety products going through our facility every week, product storage is vital. Many products require a specific temperature which may not be shared with other products. At Arc-En-Ciel, we have five separate cold storage units enabling us to store every product in its desired temperature, facilitating to maximize their shelf life.

We have experienced dedicated & well trained staff tending, supervising and catering to your storage needs. This allows us to handle a larger variety of product and to offer of a one stop shop for our customer base enabling us to store your produce under the same guidelines.

Custom Packaging

With computerized weighing machines and laser printers, we have the ability to custom pack any size or type of product.

When a specific package is required, we have the ability to rise to the occasion; we can provide a fast and cost effective solution to your requirement. We promise excellent Quality, Quick Turnaround and Competitive Pricing. We are able to accommodate from low volume custom packaging to high volume repetitive processes.

Ripening room

We make sure that the customer gets the product looking just the way he likes, and tasting equally good.

At Arc-En-Ciel Produce, we acknowledge that each and every one of our customers has their own desired quality standards for their produce. By having our own ripening facility, we can monitor the various stages of ripening in house, and are able to provide our customers with the desired stage of color for the product, enabling them to maintain a consistent product on the shelves. The ethylene ripening process is widely used in, standard and customized ripening room.


We are passionate about our produce and understand the pain, hard work and care put in by growers; therefore, we give them technical and marketing support and we re-grade the produce to save the grower from incurring loss